Traditional Wedding Albums(Handmade)


Prices range from £650 to £790

Our range of Leaves and Overlays to be used with our Handmade Albums Taped Edge Leaves for the Handmade Range available in Black, Silver & Gold


Firm padded bonded Leather, blanked for 3 pewter effect plaques. Initials: The plaque comes attached to the album and the initial plaques are available to purchase separately, not as standard Available in Black, White and Ivory



Firm padded crackle effect material traditionally postbound Available in Ruby, Chestnut & Ebony



Soft padded Bonded leather material with a Blocked Border and Wedding locked in Top Lefthand Corner within the border in Gold with matching linings Available in Black, White,Burgundy and Ivory

Soft padded shimmer suede effect with entwined rings blocked central on front cover Available in Purple and Black